Jewellery with integrity

Our Ethos & Philosophy

Beauty that isn't compromised by its creation

Consciously crafted jewellery

The jewellery industry is an industry of creative, hardworking artisans and craftspeople, but it can also be an industry of exploitative labour, dangerous working conditions, and environmental devastation. That’s why our vision is simple yet powerful: we want to change the jewellery industry for the better. We know that if we all work together, we can create a bright future for this industry—one that benefits humanity and our planet, rather than hurting it.

Every piece of jewellery we create is made with integrity; as beautiful as it is socially and environmentally conscious. Responsible jewellery is more than just a trend, and for us, it’s a choice to produce our jewellery in a way that protects the environment, and positively impacts our supply chain and the community around us. Throughout every step of our production cycle, we’re proud to only work with sustainably sourced, conflict-free metals and recycled materials, as Fairtrade & Fairmined Authorised Suppliers and a Single Mine Origin Partner & Supplier.

Fairmined & Fairtrade Authorised Suppliers

Together we can tell a different story, a story of fair origin

We are licensed to import, trade, manufacture and design jewellery by both the Fairtrade Foundation (Fairtrade) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (Fairmined), with an extensive history of innovative leadership in the ethical making movement.

In 2012, we were proud to supply a 1kg batch of platinum to jeweller Cox & Power, who launched the world’s first ever Fairtrade and Fairmined certified platinum jewellery. In 2014, we launched ecological gold from the Coodmilla cooperative in South Colombia, marking the first time the gold was made available in the UK. And in November 2016, we became the first ever British and European jewellery manufacturer to offer Fairmined Eco gold to our clients; the most ‘green’ gold possible, mined without the use of harsh chemicals such as cyanide and mercury which can impact both miners’ health and the environment. 

Jewellery is famous for the way it looks, but we believe that every piece’s story is just as powerful. Through our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, we provide our clients with the assurance and confidence that their creations are as beautiful on the inside, as they are on the outside.

Our ways of working

Our Team

We promote equal opportunity and diversity within our team, and are proud to be a majority-women workforce, recruiting our team based on skills, qualifications, experience, and performance. We have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of any kind, and ensure that our business is a safe and healthy place to be by providing the right training and PPE for our team to carry out their work safely.

Our Supply Chain

When we source suppliers, we choose those that share our values. This means that they adhere to applicable legislation on working hours and fair pay, ensure employment is freely chosen without forced or child labour, uphold freedom of association and collective bargaining, prevent discrimination and harassment, and provide a safe place to work.

Our Community

We are ambassadors for responsible business and want to help shape the jewellery sector of the future. We do this by offering mentoring, placements & apprenticeships to young people in our local community, sharing our jewellery making skills through evening classes, and sponsor university & industry projects linked to responsible ways of working.

Responsible Business Policy

Our Responsible Business Policy summarises the policies and procedures that govern the way we work and tracks our progress against social and environmental targets.


Sourcing Policy

Our Sourcing Policy details how we source our materials and manage our supply chain responsibly to ensure we respect human rights and protect the environment.


Single Mine Origin partners & suppliers

At Vipa Designs, we’re proud to be a Single Mine Origin Partner & Supplier. Traditionally, finding out where your gold has come from has been virtually impossible, as various sources get melted together. The Single Mine Origin scheme was launched in 2018 to bring accountability to every gram of gold, so you know where your jewellery comes from – with a traceable and auditable history that leads right back to its source.

However, the SMO scheme isn’t just about understanding the provenance of gold – it’s also a commitment to a set of standards and principles across the entire process, from the SMO accredited mining partner right through to manufacturing. At every stage of the chain of custody, all partners must operate along a set of rigorous guidelines, ensuring a high degree of corporate social responsibility across all areas, including fair wages, stringent health & safety adherence, environmental stewardship, community engagement, and corporate governance.

Have the confidence that your jewellery has not supported conflict or human rights abuse

Support a variety of social investment initiatives across Mali with lasting value

Extensive community development programmes include sanitation, education, health, environmental and alternative livelihood projects