From imagination to reality

Jewellery Design Services

Bring your ideas to life with our bespoke jewellery design service

At Vipa Designs, our dedicated team of experienced jewellery designers are experts at interpreting your vision and bringing your ideas to life in the most beautiful and unique way possible, renowned for their creative flair and exceptional attention-to-detail.

Working closely to your brief, we can produce exclusive, original jewellery designs which perfectly suit your requirements – from one-off pieces to commissions, larger suites, collections, and full ranges. We’ll work closely with you to create a bespoke design that’s not only aesthetically stunning, but also meets your needs and exceeds your expectations – from budget to style, and everything in between. 

We’ve worked with clients ranging from individuals looking for special pieces for themselves or loved ones, to small businesses, retailers, and international companies looking to create distinctive and marketable products that perfectly reflect their brand. 

60th Birthday Gift

A beautiful round cut 0.90ct diamond with AAAA grade pear cut rubies set in platinum, commissioned for a 60th birthday gift.

Bespoke Commission

A platinum earring set with diamonds & sapphire cabochons, with milgrain added for a beautiful vintage look.

Modern Redesign

A diamond and platinum twist ring, featuring diamonds removed & reused from three rings in this stylish modern redesign.

Engagement Ring

A vintage style 18ct white gold & diamond engagement ring designed & manufactured from start to finish in 2 weeks at Vipa Designs.

Engagement Ring

A 0.70ct diamond engagement ring commission, featuring a diamond set band cast in platinum.

30th Birthday Gift

Beautiful geometric earring studs for a bespoke client as a gift for a 30th birthday, crafted from recycled silver.

It starts with a story

We understand that jewellery is about much more than just the sparkle. It’s about what that sparkle represents: deep connections and lifelong commitments; traditions and family heritage; fashion sense and individuality. Jewellery is a reflection of our inner selves on the outside: it’s personal, and it means something.

Whether you’re looking for something completely new, or you want to breathe new life into an older piece with a modern redesign, we offer bespoke jewellery made to order, designed, and created for you. From art deco designs, to modernist styles, to heirloom-quality pieces that are destined to last through the generations, whatever your dream piece might be, we can make it a reality.

Bespoke Pieces & Commissions

Jewellery celebrates and commemorates all of life's precious moments, from milestone birthdays to anniversaries, graduations, births, and more. We love nothing more than to help our clients tell their unique stories through stunning bespoke jewellery designed just for them.

Redesign & Remodelling

From family heirlooms to much-loved vintage pieces, we know that jewellery often holds meaning and memories that money simply cannot buy. We can help you preserve what matters most by redesigning or remodelling your jewellery, tailoring it to your own unique personal style.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

At Vipa Designs, we believe that your engagement ring should be as special and unique as your relationship. With our bespoke engagement ring design service, we'll work with you to create a ring that's individual to you and your significant other—and perfectly expresses the love you share.

From design to delivery

A seamless bespoke experience

At Vipa Designs, we believe that the process of creating a bespoke piece or collection of jewellery should be as easy and enjoyable as possible. But we know that finding the right partners and materials, dealing with the cost of outsourcing, and managing everything from start to finish is a huge undertaking. And if you want to create a sustainable and ethical collection, the effort you need to put in is even greater.

That’s why we’re here to help. We offer a seamless ‘design to delivery’ experience, covering everything from the initial sketches, CAD modelling, and prototyping, to full production and manufacture—all under one roof. We provide all of the services and support you’ll need for your bespoke jewellery requirements – no matter whether it’s one-off pieces or a full commercial range. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your design vision is reflected in every aspect of your finished product.

Get in touch today

Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, unique piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one, want to commission our designers for a specific project, or want to launch a whole new range or collection, the Vipa Designs team are here to help. Get in touch today for a consultation and bring your vision to life.