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Jewellery Finishing Services

Take your jewellery to the next level

At Vipa Designs, we believe that the final step in the jewellery manufacturing process is one of the most important. After all, what good is an exquisite design and precise cast, if it isn’t finished well? The quality of jewellery finishing on a piece can elevate & transform it into a masterpiece, from high-shine mirror finishes to a textured, industrial style.

Our award-winning master craftspeople provide a full range of jewellery finishing services to help you achieve your desired effect, including machine finishing, assembling, electroplating, soldering, laser welding, resizing and a variety of stone setting options. We can work with raw castings, findings, and semi-polished & polished jewellery, from single pieces to finishing an entire line, range or collection – whatever your requirements might be, we can help bring them into existence.

Hand Finishing

From a high mirror polish to a multitude of different textures and styles, our master craftspeople ensure a beautiful finish for your jewellery with an array of expert hand finishing techniques, tailored to suit your bespoke requirements.

Machine Finishing

If you are wanting a more economical way to finish your collection or if it’s the style of polish you prefer, our range of machine finishing services help you to achieve the visual appearance & texture you're looking for from your jewellery.

Stone Setting

From a claw setting through to channel or delicate micro-pavé setting, the Vipa Designs team have the tools and experience to cater for all of your needs, ensuring the perfect setting for your stones.

For all your jewellery finishing needs

Claw Set

A claw setting is perfect for a stone that you want to show off. With open sides that let light into the back of the stone and prongs which do not cover much of the top of the stone, this setting gives you an opportunity to showcase a stone’s beauty in its full glory.

Flush Set

A flush setting is a very secure way of holding the stone in place – a great option for men’s rings due to the simplicity and subtlety it provides. Metal has been pushed over the stone from all angles, giving it a solid and highly secure hold. 

Bezel Set

A bezel setting is one of the most secure ways to protect a stone, with a strip of metal fully or partially encasing it to hold the stone securely in place. This is an ideal choice for softer stones such as emerald and opal, helping to prevent chips and fractures.

Pavé Set

A pavé setting is made up entirely of small stones, creating an intricate, sparkling pattern with tiny prongs or beads to hold each stone in place. Pavé settings are ideal for an engagement ring to emphasise the beauty of larger centre stone, for a truly statement look.


Milgrain is a technique that helps to pop designs, stylising angular edges to add an extra touch of quality to your piece. Milgrain finishes are the backbone to many designs, adding flair to curves and bringing stones into prominence.

Matte Finishes

The matte, or satin, finish is designed to provide a non-reflective surface, minimising reflectiveness through a grainy surface area perfect for those who want texture to its design. Matte finishing can be used to add a variation to a piece’s design through contrasting with glossier elements.

Hammered Finish

By utilising a light hammer to distress the surface of your piece, our hammered finish creates a unique dappled surface texture, creating a dazzling finish that uses its unusual contours to reflect light in bespoke ways.

Brushed Finish

 Tailored to produce a subtle piece of jewellery, the brushed finish adapts reflective sheen into a sophisticated shimmer whilst adding a distinctive paint brush-like touch to your piece

High Polish Mirror Finish

Featuring a smooth, polished surface free from nicks, dents, scratches, and other surface imperfections, we can create high polish or mirror finishes that provide a beautifully reflective and bright appearance. 

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